Chillventa 2018


Chillventa 2018

Nuremberg 13 – 15 October 2018
A breath-taking luminous frame enclosed the great number of LU-VE Group guests on our extraordinarily innovative and high-tech stand at the most recent edition of Chillventa.
This was a deeply satisfying event, not only for the sheer number of visitors, but also for their level of professionalism and their concrete interest in the new products created under our emblematic symbol of the red rose and the passion that it expresses.
All the brands in the Group were present in the four exhibition sectors of the stand dedicated to the most trending natural refrigerant fluids (water, ammonia, CO2 and hydrocarbons), providing every potential user with a new proposal in line with current ecological developments.

Green Gas Frame

Green Gas Frame

Pavia 10 November 2018
One of the products which received the closest attention from the numerous visitors to the LU-VE Group stand at Chillventa was certainly the new TGD frame for glass doors heated by natural gas.

This innovative product is specifically aimed at plug-in units (with on-board compressors), to satisfy the ever-growing preference from supermarkets for these units due to their easy adaptability to refrigerants that have a low impact on the environment.

At the outlet of the compressor the fluid is immediately introduced into the designated heating circuit inside the frame:

permitting the elimination of the traditional antifogging heaters
increasing the efficiency of the thermodynamic circuit
saving a considerable amount of electrical energy to the exclusive benefit of the sales point.

TGD: “It is our ambition to offer all our partners solutions with the highest energy efficiency and reliability, so that they can increase the value of their products and be more competitive in every market.”

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Spirotech: virtual on-site visit


Spirotech: visita virtuale allo stabilimento

New Delhi 5 November 2018
Situated in the vicinity of New Delhi, Spirotech is one of the most highly referenced facilities for the production of static components for heat transfer in LU-VE Group.  
The company was founded in 1994 and has been growing constantly since then thanks to its own products designed mainly for the markets of refrigeration, air conditioning and, above all, high-quality housheold appliances.
Spirotech became part of LU-VE Group in 2016.
“Absolute quality is the basis of the extraordinary success of Spirotech. To comply with the most severe acceptance specifications of our products, we subject them to the most rigid checks at the end of every transformation process, using the best assessment instruments.”
More than 80% of Spirotech’s high quality production is exported to Europe and North America, destined for companies on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest companies, reaching a truly global market from the base in India.
From today, you can now take a complete video tour of the Indian facility.

Production capacity expansion at SEST LU-VE POLSKA and HTS (2)

Production capacity expansion at SEST LU-VE POLSKA and HTS

Uboldo 20 November 2018
With the power of an investment of over €36 million behind it, the expansion project for the SEST LU-VE Polska production site is proceeding at an intensive pace.

The new covered area of 20,000 square metres will be completed with its production lines in January 2019.

The first line to start up will produce coils with geometry of 20 x 17 with 5mm tubes, in order to meet the ever-increasing demand from the market for heat exchangers with smaller tubes, compatible with the use of gases with low Global Warming Potential.
Also at the beginning of 2019, the HTS facility in Novosedly in the Czech Republic will be provided with a production line upgrade for large-scale exchangers with reduced diameter tubes. Components produced here will be up to 4 metres in length, weighing up to 1000kg with configuration of 25 x 21.65mm, tube diameters 7 and 9.52mm.

Innovation 4.0: LU-VE transforms lifts into windows on the world

Innovation 4.0: LU-VE transforms lifts into windows on the world

Uboldo, 21 November 2018
The lift opens its doors to the world, but now in digital format.
LU-VE has exploited the technology of its TGD brand in the sector of doors for refrigerated cabinets, to transform lift car mirrors (and not only) into new powerful and revolutionary devices.  

The mirrors become multimedia “windows” connected to the Internet, showing various types of content including information (safety and commercial), photos and videos, advertizing and digital signage and instructions for the maintenance technicians working on the lift.

Gateway – The IoT Mirror for Lift Cars, that’s the name of this technology (patented in Italy and pending at the European level), offering new functions never before seen in a lift car, and beginning with a touch-screen technology mirror which can communicate with the user and with the outside via web, contents can be modified in real time and remotely. The entire system is in fact a product governed and managed via web (network cable of wi-fi). Thanks to the IoT technology the LU-VE “magic mirrors” are not limited to just reflecting the images of the passengers but will be able to be used to display interactive content: fast video news, weather forecasts, environmental images as well as customized advertising depending on requirements and interactive information about the building and its surroundings. Hotels for example can present their guests with details of menus, happy hour schedules, and in-house organized events.

The new functions introduced by Gateway are also designed to guarantee greater safety and efficiency of the lift. In the case of an alarm, a micro webcam would enable audio-visual communication between the lift and the safety/assistance service. Audio-visual communication together with touch screen technology also allows maintenance personnel to connect directly with their central service station, accessing files (manuals, instructions and documents) to speed up and make more efficient any interventions required on the machinery, as well as being able to see functional measurements and parameters of the system in real time.